Autographed "Same World" CD

Autographed "Same World" CD

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PersonalizedSame World CD - Kapono
Release Date 1991

autographed by Henry Kapono with optional personalized inscription to who ever you wish! - yourself, a friend or a loved one. Delivery time subject to Kapono's schedule.

Ten songs performed with a variety of other artists, all written by Henry Kapono, except Same World, written by Michael McDonald & Henry Kapono. Guest artists include Michael McDonald, Touch of Gold, Toto, Tower of Power, Third World, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Praise Youth Childrens' Choir.

Song List:
Insy'a (with Tower of Power)
I'll Be There (with Michael McDonald)
Stand In The Light (with Third World & Tower of Power)
Hold Me Up
Same World (with Michael McDonald)
One Man
All Because I Love You (with Sam Riney)
I Like the Way (with Tower of Power)
Papaya Blues (with Tower of Power & Jimmy Fadden)
The Hero.